Happy New Year 2023

10 years ago, my brother and I agreed that we would start a business together sometime in the future.

It’s still a little unreal, but we dare to say now that we have succeeded in collaboration with our partner DHT Group, some amazing employees, customers, suppliers and the incredible support of our family.

Our 2023 in brief:

– On January 1st we had 2 customers and only did consulting work within E-plan
– On February 5, we delivered our first electrical panel. (It was a rather large Atex board, so not the easiest task to start with)

– On April 1st we started production in Poland, where today we have 550 sqm in Szczecin

– On August 15, we moved to new premises at Herredsvej 15 in Løsning, where we have 750 sqm

– We have gone from 1 employee in January to a total of 14 permanent employees and 4 permanent temps by the end of December

– We’re coming out of 2023 with a turnover about 250% above the original budget for 2023 and with a plus on the bottom line, even though we’ve had a lot of investments this year. And it’s only the 2nd year of the company’s life.

– We’ve managed to grow around 500% from the first half of 2023 compared to the last six months, despite relocating and integrating a lot of new colleagues

All of this has only been possible because of our amazing employees, customers, suppliers, partners and families. It’s crazy, and we’re so proud of everyone’s faith and support for us.

Hope you enjoy watching this video to get a little insight into our adventure, and from here a HUGE THANK YOU and we will do everything we can to live up to your trust in 2024.

I hope everyone like us fulfills their dreams, and if anyone has entrepreneurial dreams but doesn’t quite know how to go about it, you’re always welcome to contact me. I’m happy to share my experiences and provide input on strategy, action plans, etc.

And a very Merry Christmas and a great New Year.


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