Before we start programming, we always create a requirements specification with a focus on:
Value creation as the main focus
In-depth solution analysis
Detailed job description
Creative and easy access
Partnership and sparring
Thorough planning for maximum value

In a world where technology and business are constantly evolving, we at Tech Automation understand the importance of having a clear and meticulous approach to every task. Our first step in any project is to develop a comprehensive requirements specification. This process ensures that we fully understand your needs and goals before we begin programming.

Helicopter perspective and analysis

What matters to us is creating tangible value for you and your business. We start by taking a helicopter view of your challenge, which gives us an overall picture of the situation. Through this analysis, we explore different solutions and strategies, enabling us to assess and recommend the most effective way forward. Our goal is not only to address immediate problems, but also to identify and capitalize on opportunities that can drive your business growth and efficiency.

Concrete task description and reconciliation

After the analysis, we create a detailed job description. This includes specific requirements, necessary resources and a clear timeline. This ensures that both you and our team are fully aligned on the content and expectations of the assignment. By doing this, we can efficiently plan and execute the project while minimizing risks and unforeseen obstacles.

Creative and easy access

We believe that the most effective solutions are often the simplest. Our team is not afraid to think outside the box and challenge conventional approaches. But even in our creativity, we stick to our design philosophy of ‘keeping it simple’. We focus on creating value-creating processes that are simple to understand and implement, yet deliver powerful and effective results.

Get stronger with us as your sounding board

We see ourselves not just as a service provider, but as a competent sparring partner. We understand the challenges that CTOs face, and we’re here to help you navigate those challenges and find solutions that really make a difference. With our expertise and experience, together we can transform the challenges you face into opportunities for innovation and growth.

Let’s take the step together. Contact us to start a dialog about how we can strengthen your business and overcome the technical challenges you face.

We program in Siemens and Schneider

Our programmers have programming experience in both Siemens and Schneider. These two distinctive platforms allow us to create advanced, tailored solutions for automation control. 

This approach means that our control systems aren’t just ideas on paper; they take shape and life in a virtual 3D world, allowing us to visualize, identify and correct any potential challenges or optimizations before they are implemented in the real world.

Contact us

Markus Schmüser Thy

Programmer/ hardware designer
Mobile +45 2540 0652

We can test and install your system on our premises or yours

We offer flexible options for testing and installation of our systems. Either we can do the testing and setup in-house, or we can do it directly at your location.