The first stage in place 😀.

Thanks to the family and our employees, the first stage of the move went MEGA well yesterday. We started the morning with a lot of pallets and electrical panels at our “old” address in Hovedgård and ended up with everything set up by 19:00 the same day at our new address Herredsvej 15 in Løsning.

A great job that could only be done with the classy help we received 🙏 🙏 🙏 .

A move like this had to be celebrated with some Sushi in the new premises after a hard day 💪💪 .

Today we need to get all the little things in place so we can continue production on Monday morning.

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There are many things that make me happy and remind me that we work together as a strong community to create good solutions for our

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Good collaboration

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