World-class manufacturing

It’s simply world-class to have employees in both Poland and Denmark who are all just passionate about Tech Automation.

Straight from my visit to Poland today.

Well done to you Paweł Boczek and the rest of the team. You impress me every time I come down here.

If you need a whiteboard, we have room for new tasks from week 10 😀 😀 😀 😀

I’m available on 25 40 06 51 or

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Apprentice in Tech Automation

Being in training as an automation technician is incredibly exciting and challenging. From the moment I entered this world, I’ve been fascinated by the way technology and programming can be brought together to create intelligent systems and solutions.

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Employee development

Some of Tech Automation’s visions and dreams are to support and develop our current and new employees. Innovation and craftsmanship are best created by employees

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