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There are many things that make me happy and remind me that we work together as a strong community to create good solutions for
16. July 2024

Are you our new colleague?

Thanks to our great partners and fantastic employees, we are looking into a lot of exciting projects. We need colleagues both in our panel
5. July 2024

Good collaboration

It’s just a good feeling when we can help a partner who was a little pressed for time on a board. Drawings approved on
4. July 2024

Distribution boards ready for one of our partners

There are 3 slightly special distribution boards ready for one of our partners. The boards are built in our department in Poland and mounted
28. June 2024

Control panels on the way

A couple of control panels are on their way to one of our partners 😊. These are produced at our facility in Poland and
20. June 2024

Off to our branch in Poland

On Tuesday we left for our department in Poland with goods for an urgent job and returned home today with 2 boards, which we
6. June 2024

We are ready to help you

The workshop is busy, but as always, we aim to help if you have something urgent 😊 We can currently start on distribution boards
4. June 2024

Friday energy is at its peak!

Our first standard solutions for charging stations and distribution boards are ready in the warehouse 😊 We are pleased to be able to offer
31. May 2024

Fast delivery of effect boards up to the summer holidays!

Do you need effect boards for your projects before the summer holidays? We’re happy to offer fast delivery of effect panels so you can
27. May 2024

A little hygge in everyday life

Visiting colleagues from Poland and boards on the way out the door. We should have a sausage on that 🌭🤩
23. May 2024

New boards ready to go

Three boards built in our department in Poland and just arrived at our production in Denmark 👏👏👏👏 Benjamin is reviewing and testing the boards
17. May 2024

Tech Automation – An agile and trustworthy partner

Tech Automation’s goal is to be an agile and trustworthy partner with a focus on the solution and our partners’ needs. This applies to
15. May 2024