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Apprentice in Tech Automation

Being in training as an automation technician is incredibly exciting and challenging. From the moment I entered this world, I’ve been fascinated by the
11. April 2024

Siemens HMI Unfied panels

We are preparing to get up and running with the new Siemens HMI Unified panels👌 Markus, our PLC programmer, updates our templates so they
8. April 2024

Employee development

Some of Tech Automation’s visions and dreams are to support and develop our current and new employees. Innovation and craftsmanship are best created by
5. April 2024

Ready after a great Easter vacation

It’s GREAT to come back to work after a good Easter vacation and find a 1200A Cubic board ready for one of our good
2. April 2024

Are you looking for either a control or distribution board?

We’re always ready to see if we can help you.Contact us by email or phone 25400651. See more on our website
26. March 2024

We’re ready to see if we can create value for you

In an ever-changing market, it’s important for us to be agile to ensure we create value for our partners. With in-house production and designers
21. March 2024

We were contacted 2 weeks ago by one of our customers who had an urgent matter

They needed a heater controller to control 8 heaters including programming. It arrived today from our branch in Poland. Drawings incl. 3-D, procurement of
15. March 2024

We do what we can to live up to our ambition to add value for our partners

– I’m on my way home from North Zealand after helping a business partner with a switchboard rebuild – Benjamin is getting some machines
13. March 2024

Monday morning – new project

Monday morning and the start of a new project. That’s great👍👍 This time the project is a 1200A Cubic board, which will soon be
11. March 2024

We’re ready to see if we can create value for you

We are your reliable partner for the production of control panels. At Tech Automation, we don’t just offer professional expertise – we also stand
7. March 2024

Good end to the week

Great to end the week by sending boards off to one of our great partners. The boards are produced by skilled employees in our
1. March 2024

Teamwork & flexibility

There were just a few things that didn’t get done on Friday, so it’s good that I was able to get my brother with
29. February 2024