Employee development

Some of Tech Automation’s visions and dreams are to support and develop our current and new employees. Innovation and craftsmanship are best created by employees who go to work happy and passionate about what they do.

It can be unskilled workers who want to learn how to build boards, or like Christian, our first employee, who eventually wanted to work with programming and electrical construction.

It is therefore really motivating for us that Christian, after a time as a technician in our production and service tasks, is now ready and highly motivated to take the leap.
Christian will be working in the office as a project manager 💪⭐⭐
He will work with both board construction and programming in close collaboration with our partners.

If you are currently unskilled and would like to become a panel builder, or if you are already a panel builder and would like to work with construction and design, you are always welcome to call or write to me.
My number is 25 40 06 51 or email jj@tech-automation.dk ☎️📩

Maybe you have a project that Christian and I should take a look at, then you are always welcome to contact us 🤗

@Christian it’s great to see your development with us and we look forward to building on it together 😊


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