Apprentice in Tech Automation

Being in training as an automation technician is incredibly exciting and challenging. From the moment I entered this world, I’ve been fascinated by the way technology and programming can be brought together to create intelligent systems and solutions. I’m happy to be able to apply the programming knowledge I’ve gained in the foundation course to real projects.

At Tech Automation, I have had the opportunity to design a construction from scratch. It wasn’t just a theoretical assignment, but a practical challenge where I got to build the boards that are the heart of the design. This process has given me a deep understanding of how theory and practice merge and how the details of a design affect the final outcome.

Working with Christian has been important in this process. His experience and knowledge has given me a unique opportunity to get feedback and guidance, which has been crucial for my project. Being able to discuss ideas, get feedback and then adjust and improve my design has been a learning experience. Christian has helped me test and revise the design thoroughly before the final construction phase, which has ensured that we achieve the best results.

What makes this experience even more exciting is the opportunity to grow professionally within a company that values innovation and personal development. Being part of an environment where I can apply and expand the skills I’ve acquired at school is incredibly motivating. It makes me feel like I’m adding value and growing as an automation engineer at the same time.

It’s both fun and inspiring to work on projects that challenge me and allow me to see direct results from my work. Every day brings new learning opportunities and I look forward to continuing to explore and develop my skills in this fascinating field.

Becoming an automation engineer is not just a path to a job; it’s a passion that drives me to discover and create new solutions that can make a difference.

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